trophysics: It is the science that is interested in studying elements and

phenomena from the Earth's surface to the end of the troposphere

Rippling: The action of spacing is in two phases as follows
Surface Antenna Aerial Monitoring and Upper Wind Monitoring
Surface Antenna Aerial Observations
 The amount of clouds in the sky, dry temperature, dew point, atmospheric pressure, atmospheric pressure, amount of sediment, horizontal horizon, wind direction and velocity, current weather condition, weather conditions over the past few hours. For atmospheric elements and atmospheric phenomena each hourly head for 24 hours a day and after encryption (according to the code of the global air force
A reminder is sent to the information gathering center






Upper Wind Monitoring: - The aerial observer launches a high winds information balloon
(Including direction, wind speed, temperature, dew point, and metric height of pressure)
Information is collected from the sound system and is encrypted according to the ISO code. It is also sent to the information gathering center. The information gathering center feeds information encrypted to computers and special software for the purpose of drawing the information on maps called weather maps. Electronically